Code Arena Lounge and Restaurant is now using Poscafe management system

Poscafe software provides detailed financial analysis and reporting in real time, it is customized for effective management and operations of Bars and restaurants
Poscafe Best For Bar & Restaurant management

Code Arena Lounge and Restaurant is located in Lira, opposite Pride Microfinance. It recently acquired Poscafe bar & restaurant management system.

According to a survey by a restaurant association, internal employee theft is responsible for 75 percent of inventory shortages and about 4 percent of restaurant sales. This is the harsh reality that Several bars & restaurants face in losses from the theft or wastage of stock.
Therefore, to reduce losses, physical suspicion and confrontation which is dangerous for both business and the business owner, it’s important to use effective management systems and tools.
Code Arena Lounge and Restaurant has made the best decision to have Poscafe management system.
With Poscafe system one is able to follow their business proceedings within or out of the business premises even using your android phone or computer.
Do not forget to pass by Code Arena Lounge and Restaurant if you are in Lira. It will offer you a lasting experience . Quench your thirsty and eat a good meal there.
Contact us today on +256706397621 to get your self the software for your bar & restaurant.
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