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Would you like to order /buy goods from China ? And do you have a system to manage your stock, sales, purchases and reports?
Buy China to Uganda – Enjosh ( is just the right company to contact to get all you want from China. Their physical Shop, ENJOSH STOCKISTS is located at Universal House, Luwum Street, G14, Kampala.

Poscream-best point-of-sale-software-in-Uganda
Poscream-Best point-of-sales-software in-Uganda
Buy China to Uganda helps Companies or individuals ship all kinds of products from China to Uganda. They also help their clients with Product sourcing, verification of suppliers on your behalf, making payments easy for the client, handling the shipping process of goods, handling tax clearance processes up to Uganda. They ship goods by both sea and air.
Amazingly, Buy China to Uganda is also using the Poscream Point of sales software to run their day-to-day business operation.
You too can know your stock value in real time without having to count anything. The same applies to your turnover and profit margins: all in real time…. You will never mistake profit with sales while using Poscream point of Sales.
Poscream Point of sales is used in pharmacies, hardware shops, supermarkets, and by all other business dealing with stock.

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