Bar & Restaurant detailed real-time financial reports

Poscafe software provides detailed financial analysis and reporting in real time, it is customized for effective management and operations of Bars and restaurants


When do you balance books of accounts in your bar or restaurant ?

Is it daily or do you carry it Forward?
Balancing books of accounts at the end of every work day  or shift  in a bar or restaurant can  be very frustrating.
On some days, you  may have  more or less  money  as compared to the products sold .
But As a business owner, why would you put your staff in a tight spot of either stealing from you or digging into their pockets to cover for losses.
Poscafe bar & restaurant management software  offers accurate and detailed real-time financial reports and available stock. This makes balancing of books of accounts  at the end of every work shift or day easy  with every item  and penny in the business is accounted for.

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