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POSCream is a Point of Sales software solution in Uganda, Our powerful and user-friendly Point of Sales software is tailored to meet the unique needs of local businesses in Kampala - Uganda, providing an efficient and streamlined way to manage transactions, track inventory, sales & more.

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Whether you run a retail / wholesale shop, pharmacy, supermarket or products distributor, our point of sales software equips you with tools to optimize your business operations.

POScream business summary dashboard
Automated Reporting

Business Summary

Get a quick view of your business at glance when you login into the system, such as the day’s transactions, general business summary. The system also has an indepth reports generator to give you insights around direct areas of you business such as

Stock & more.

Stock Management

The Stock Management module in a point of sales software allows businesses to efficiently manage inventory by adding products, restocking, reconciling stock, generating reports, receiving out of stock notifications, calculating stock value, managing returned stock, and handling expired products and more.

Stock Management page in POSCream point of sales software in Uganda

Purchases & Creditors Management

Track product purchases from suppliers, offering options for credit or upfront payment, generate reports for purchases within specific time periods, manage payments to creditors who supplied products on credit, generate reports for unpaid creditors, and create reports for creditors who have been paid within specific time periods.

Sales Management

POScream point of sales software enables businesses to efficiently receive customer orders, track the waiter responsible for each order, generate reports for sales within specific time periods, and create reports for sales made by specific cashiers or waiters within specific time periods.

Expenditure Management

This module allows businesses to add expenses with clear expense categories, view expenses made within specific time periods, track the individuals responsible for specific expenses, and generate weekly, monthly, and annual expense reports. It offers the ability to set expense limits, and the system can provide notifications when those limits have been exceeded, prompting necessary action

Multiple Branches Management

The Multiple Branch Management feature in POS Cream allows businesses to efficiently handle multiple branches from a single point. It enables the creation of branches, staff assignment to specific branches, stocking of individual branches, and the generation of individual branch reports, among other functionalities.

Detailed Analysis & Reporting

Get comprehensive insights through graphical and tabular analysis of product demands, graphical summaries of sales trends over a long period of time, graphical and tabular reports on sales made by all cashiers and waiters, as well as specific cashier or waiter sales reports.

Profit Analysis Reporting

The Profit Analysis feature in POS Cream allows businesses to effectively track and manage all expenses throughout the entire business. It offers the ability to set expense limits, and the system can provide notifications when those limits have been exceeded, prompting necessary action.

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